Catherine Van Bergen
included Jellybean Goes To School in her "6 going to school picture story books" to help parents familiarise their children and ease them into the school system.

"Whether you have Kinder kids of your own, preschoolers anticipating ‘big school’ or as a read-on-the-first-day choice to assuage any anxieties, this is a terrifically appealing book. Perfect for Miss Four and definitely going on her bookshelf, this is highly recommended for your littlies from 3-5 years."


Sue Warren Just So Stories

Here are some great reviews for Jellybean Goes To School



"The illustrations in this book are just adorable, and children and parents alike will love the imaginative way that Jellybean sees each new school experience. This book is great for children who may be a bit hesitant about their first day- it will provide a little bit of encouragement for the weeks ahead. "

An inspiring must-read for all children about to start school or nursery.

Random House Australia

"…The story manages to introduce all aspects of the school day in a simple and reassuring manner and parents can make good use of the illustrations to expand on what happens at school."