Hi! I'm Australian children's author, Margaret Roc.

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I've written, co-written and edited over 50 books for children and teachers. There are books about  noodles and dolphins. There are books about dangerous animals and about finding a friend. There's something for everyone. I hope you enjoy discovering them on my website.












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The great background illustration is by Laura Hughes from my most recent picture book Jellybean Goes To School which was published by Tamarind Books, Random House.


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Check out Jellybean Goes to School below:

Jellybean Goes to School

About Jellybean



Jellybean is a little girl longing to learn about the world and make friends.


But is she ready to leave Mum behind and start school?


At first Jellybean is nervous, but her new teacher brings magic into the classroom.


And Jellybean's imagination brings her new surroundings to life in many wild and wonderful ways with the help of her new friend, Alex.


An inspiring story for all children about to start school or pre-school.


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